Youth Protecting Youth at York

About YPY

Youth Protecting Youth is a club operating at York University. Our mission is to inform and educate the public on life issues such as abortion, in-vitro formation of human life, and euthanasia.

The club's convictions are based on the following key principles:

  • Life begins at fertilization and ends at natural death.
  • All human beings, whether born or unborn, are endowed with the right to life.
  • The Government should be responsible for ensuring the right to life is protected by law.

We aim to train and equip pro-life leaders within the club to better educate ourselves and the public, and refer those in need to such resources as crisis pregnancy and post-abortion centres. YPY believes in promoting and maintaining amicable discourse, and engaging with the York community via events such as debates, video screenings, and open, personal dialogue.