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Why Consider an Abortion Debate?

Some may say that abortion is a "dead" issue in Canada, long resolved by the 1989 decision.

A recent Poll conducted by CBC: brings quite a contradictory message to this viewpoint, wherefore it seems a majority of Canadians do in fact want the debate reopened. This may indeed have to do a lot with the fact that there remains no real abortion regulations in Canada, aside from the inability to charge individuals for undergoing or performing the procedure.

So one has to ask themselves, whether taking the stance of pro-choice, or pro-life, " am I really happy or comfortable with this state of affairs?" Is terminating a pregnancy (or as indeed many consider even on the pro-choice side, a human life) something to be left up in the air, to be performed for any rhyme or reason?

This is indeed, a great part of why debates on this matter are so informative and crucial in our great nation and indeed throughout the world.

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